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There’s no denying it. I love vintage. And not 70s and 80s vintage – that’s retro – I mean 40s and 50s vintage. I’m also a huge lover of colour. HUGE. I’ve had blue hair, (age 16). I’ve had pink hair (age 17, and done the day before school photos!). The only reason I don’t colour my hair now is that the upkeep is demanding. Not going to lie, I would love to have brightly coloured hair again. But I also love my natural hair colour, especially when I have spare time to do a vintage ‘do. I digress. My wedding dress was a 1950s blue lace dress. I don’t wear much black (mostly because it doesn’t suit me), and my wardrobe is full of vintage (inspired), bold, bright clothing and accessories. Then there’s my other love: design. Makes sense that I should marry all my loves up, yeah? Colour. Vintage. Design. Weddings. An absolute no-brainer. Why then, did it take me so long to figure this all out? Simple. It’s just how it all had to happen.

That Light Bulb Moment – Finding My Niche

In December 2017, I enrolled in The Makers Academy. It is one of the best investments I’ve made for and in my business. During the first module, I had the epiphany that I needed to niche my business and fill a gap in the market that I knew well. Suddenly it all made sense: I needed to do what made my heart sing and stop trying to please the masses. I felt awful as I’d just started an amazing brand rep team – a team no longer needed the services of. This light bulb moment created an instant desire and love to create fabulous things: Little Goldfish Designs will specialise in vintage (inspired), bold, bright, eco wedding invitations and stationery. Sound like a mouthful? Read on.

Sustainability and Little Goldfish Designs

The other thing I didn’t mention at the beginning is my interest in sustainability. I’ve got a(n as yet unused) degree in Urban and Regional Planning, a profession steeped in sustainability. I’d be absolutely bonkers if I omitted this value from my business. And if I’m honest, I buy as much as I can second-hand from eBay, Gumtree, or Facebook Buy Swap Sell groups, for business and personal use. I pine over many beautiful vintage things on Etsy, but they’re often way out of my budget.

Typically speaking, there are four pillars of sustainability (see Melbourne Principles). I’m not perfect but one way I can do better is to apply these principles as best I can in my business. Products will be designed:

    • as digital/printable files only, that is no printing is offered by Little Goldfish Designs
      • this encourages sending electronic invitations (environmental), and
      • allows you to choose what paper/cardstock you can afford (economic), and
      • allows you to choose where you print (economic)
    • with a minimal print footprint where possible, that is less ink/toner will be used should you choose to print your wedding stationery (environmental)

Although only two principles are really identified above, they are intrinsically linked to both social and cultural principles. I merely singled out the two that applied the most.

Vintage. Bold. Bright. Eco. Wedding Stationery To Suit Your Personality.

Like me, there are a lot of people in this great big world who share these loves: vintage, colour, design, and sustainability. Totally makes sense to niche right down and provide these amazing people with wedding invitations and stationery that speaks volumes about the people they are. Vintage. Bold. Bright.

Designed with lovers of vintage, colour, and sustainability in mind, they are not like any wedding invitation suite you’ve seen before. That is unless, of course, you’ve stepped right out of the 1940s or 1950s!

After a major health scare that saw me hospitalised for nine days in August 2018, and a long and tiresome recovery that is likely to continue into 2019, I have had to delay the launch of my new products. It is anticipated that from February 2019 everything will be all systems go!