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How to say no when planning your wedding

Fact: I've had two weddings, thus two marriages. One of them failed. That failed relationship/marriage taught me a great deal when the right partner for me did come along, and why it is okay to say no to things for your wedding. Love your partner, love yourself. My...

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How to make a wedding website for your wedding

As full-time uni students planning our wedding, two things were on our minds: Minimising costs, and reducing our wedding's ecological footprint. Like Tesco says, "Every little helps." (Do Tesco still say that? I remember they did back in 2009, so here's hoping they...

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9 tips for a vintage eco-friendly wedding

Alex and I married in 2015. We had roughly 65 guests, ourselves included. We married at the end of winter, had no bridal party, had our reception over lunch at one of our favourite restaurants (that unfortunately no longer exists) with an open bar, and made many other...

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Our Proposal Story

What better way to jump back into blogging than with our proposal story!? I know it's been a while but there have been lots of things going on. Including a huge change in direction for Little Goldfish. Another post will come about that soon. I'm not putting any...

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Free Fiesta! mini prints download

I don’t know about you but I love how vibrant fiestas are. Of course, fiesta is Spanish for party, but there is something different about a fiesta. Recently, I worked with Katie from True North Events for a styled shoot for Keneena from Kablooie Store about how to...

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What is Celebration Anxiety?

Sitting here at my desk, I tried to figure out how to start this post. It's not my usual Friday 'celebrations are awesome!' post, but it's something I've wanted to write about for a little while, and I feel that it's more of a celebration topic than it is a life post....

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How to plan a wedding in 12 months or less – Part Two

Continuing on from the first of this three part series, which is here in case you missed it, part two looks at things you need/might want to lock in over the next three to eight months of planning. There is a little more to discuss this time, so I've tried to break it...

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How to plan a wedding in 12 months or less – Part One

It might sound scary, but planning your dream wedding can be done in 12 months or less. I know because I've done it. All you need is a supportive fiancé, discipline, and planners.  And maybe a Pinterest board or two...(Shhhhh, it's a secret one!, I hear you say). Let...

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